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You can plan and build yourself a small house, cabin in the woods, farm house, gazebo, pergola etc. If you are a hands-on type and you do not mind getting dirty, this could be a cost saving and skill building experience. Let us begin with the how.

Find out as much information as possible on your intended project, Google it, watch YouTube clips, read blogs written by others like yourself and professionals. Print out the technical processes and procedures because it is highly unlikely that you will remember everything you read off the top of your head (some people can, can you?).
Sketch out your plans and present them to a structural engineer or architect to obtain advice on the building regulations applicable to your “little” project. You might have to pay a consultation fee to the professional to check on you as you build lest you make grievous mistakes due to a lack of knowledge and experience (enthusiasm will not replace these).


Here is why you should attempt it;

You will save money if it is a small project (not more than 50 Square Meters) and you are a diligent, practical and hands-on person.
You can make it fun by involving your family or work colleagues in the building process. This would enable the acquisition of vital life skills while fostering the bonds in the group.
It goes without saying, but ironically, I will say it anyway. You get to do whatever you want. Some small projects may not require strict adherence to building codes so you could theoretically innovate, tweak, build and break and build as you go along.


Why it may not work;

If the intended project is complicated, hire some professionals to guide you. By complex I mean, if you do not have the confidence to build it on your own after doing as much research as you can possibly do (you will get tired of reading about it eventually). Do not just dive in! If you underestimate; the work involved, materials and technical expertise required; you will waste money while collapsing structures in the construction process or in the lifetime usage of the structure may hurt you and your family.

If you decide to do it yourself, in theory, you get to do whatever you want whenever you want. In practice, if you want it to go smoothly, follow some of the advice above. Before you start, talk to some people who have built things. You will be able to gauge your abilities better with more factual information at hand.

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