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Building on this post and train of thought, we have developed a concept for sustainable stand-alone houses. These houses have; modern open plan living room with a kitchen island, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. This house plan fits on and is ideal for a 50 x 100ft plot of land.

These eco-friendly houses shall be built using “interlocking stabilized soil blocks”, which shall be made on site from soil excavated on site. We will not burn fossil fuels in any part of our production process.

They shall have roofing material made out of “building integrated photovoltaics” (solar harnessing material) and designed to receive as much solar energy as possible for most of the day. These houses shall also be able to harvest rainwater off the roof. The solar energy shall be used for all domestic energy needs and the extra energy stored in large capacity batteries and used to pump harvested water from ground tanks or groundwater from deep wells and boreholes to the faucets and fittings were it is required for domestic use.

The owners of these homes will have negligible utility bills.

These homes are low-cost, eco-friendly, energy generating, water conserving, self-sustaining homes. They offer a superb return on investment for the owners.

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